having a busienss

September 19, 2007

is very hard especially when you’re rushing for deadlines… I just realized that I am totally stuck with the shows and forgot the true meaning of this business. When I am making all those bags all by myself, my days are only make up of bags and bags and mre bags…. I certainly forgot why I am doing this whole thing…. and obviously I am lack of planning… I like plan but unforunately I don’ have any… my aims for going to these shows arn’t about selling, but pulling myself out of the public and show them high qulity and great design work, show how unique I am… but what I am doing now is making bags 20 hours a day! I think I am kind of lost right now, obviously working too hard… should take my day off tomorrow…



  1. I know how you feel. I just bought a book called Craft Inc. and its perfect. It starts from the bottom up. If you have the means to get hold of it please do. Its a fantastic book.

    I got mine from Amazon a while back

  2. Suki, like i told you before, don’t let yourself feel like a robot on an assembly line, whenever you started to feel that, you should take a day or two off work. probably it’s the right time to re-evaluate whether you’re committing yourself too much.

  3. i’m so down these days, i miss the way you cry on my shoulder. and i want your shoulder. i really wanna take a few days rest and escape from hk. find me when you are back to hk

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