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hand painted fabric

December 20, 2007

hand painted fabric

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many of my friends suggested me to make fabric with animals, so there you go… this zoo/farm like colorful fabirc is for all of you! This fabirc is complicated to make coz it involved with so many colours (and i was running out of color) espcialy when there are many turning corners, like the animal legs, elephant nose, it is realy hard to move the book masks and also applying colours…
anyway, the outcome is fantastic, very very colourful and bright and Swedish… shame that it took hours to finish one piece and I was running out of colour, otherwise i am going make heaps of this fabric.



November 2, 2007

My website has been updated and my blog has changed to

Thank you!!!



October 23, 2007

I am still working my ass off at 2 oclock in the morning

the Balmain Art show is coming up next weekend

I am so very stressful but yet excited

I cannot wait to see how it goes

I canot wait to see what people will react when they see my works

I cannot wait!!

I am working my head off

because I need the money to fly to taiwan to join the next art show

because I want to show off my talent

because I want people to look at my works

because I know you’re supporting me

because I want to thank YOU

handmade 2008 diary cover new 2008 weekly diary

handmade 2008 diary coverhandmade 2008 diary cover


on taiwan magazine

October 14, 2007




October 13, 2007

molbourne botanic garden

back from Melbourne and Tasmania! Great places! Can’t wait to plan my second visit. Melbourne has changed a lot since I left. Mainly Mel Central. It is SO great! It linked to Myer and once you’re in Myer, it’s just one second to Collins street!  So many great shops and cafe in Melbourne… so regret that I have left there so early!

anyway, so tired after travel, will write more tomorrow!


my new moleskine

September 27, 2007

I have come up with a new idea to decorate my molskine and the outcome is AMAZING!!

I used beautiful craft paper as the base. Then I draw some simple thing on the watercolor paper and sew it on the notebook! It’s absolutely beautiful and push my design to another new level…

They’re just too beautiful…

This one I used flocked paper and the outcome is also very outstanding, shame that I can’t find any red paper…


having a busienss

September 19, 2007

is very hard especially when you’re rushing for deadlines… I just realized that I am totally stuck with the shows and forgot the true meaning of this business. When I am making all those bags all by myself, my days are only make up of bags and bags and mre bags…. I certainly forgot why I am doing this whole thing…. and obviously I am lack of planning… I like plan but unforunately I don’ have any… my aims for going to these shows arn’t about selling, but pulling myself out of the public and show them high qulity and great design work, show how unique I am… but what I am doing now is making bags 20 hours a day! I think I am kind of lost right now, obviously working too hard… should take my day off tomorrow…