my new moleskine

September 27, 2007

I have come up with a new idea to decorate my molskine and the outcome is AMAZING!!

I used beautiful craft paper as the base. Then I draw some simple thing on the watercolor paper and sew it on the notebook! It’s absolutely beautiful and push my design to another new level…

They’re just too beautiful…

This one I used flocked paper and the outcome is also very outstanding, shame that I can’t find any red paper…


having a busienss

September 19, 2007

is very hard especially when you’re rushing for deadlines… I just realized that I am totally stuck with the shows and forgot the true meaning of this business. When I am making all those bags all by myself, my days are only make up of bags and bags and mre bags…. I certainly forgot why I am doing this whole thing…. and obviously I am lack of planning… I like plan but unforunately I don’ have any… my aims for going to these shows arn’t about selling, but pulling myself out of the public and show them high qulity and great design work, show how unique I am… but what I am doing now is making bags 20 hours a day! I think I am kind of lost right now, obviously working too hard… should take my day off tomorrow…


the mug that I like the most

September 19, 2007

is this new hand painted mug

hand painted mughand painted mugThis is actually inspired by my rainbow mug but that one takes lots of hard work so I have come up with this new mug! I love it. I think this is my true style… I love strong color and contrast~~~ love it love it~~~



September 14, 2007

I love Australia and I hate Australia!

When it comes to handmade? I hate Australia!!

I am looking for fabrics to make bags. I have been to Lindcraft, china town, new town, craft show, website, everywhere to find fabric, but they’re either too expensive or bad offer. The cotton drill I am after is think cotton drill, but I can’t find any except chian town and they charge me $30/meter!!! I am also looking for canvas that I can paint on, but YOU CANT GET CANVAS IN AUSTRALIA!!! I can only buy wholesale and they’re $22/meter…. damn…. I am running out of fabric and I need to finish all the bags before October!!! I want to try oilcloth fabric too http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Cath-Kidston-Daisy-Blue-Oilcloth-Fabric-Purse-Wallet_W0QQitemZ150159265023QQihZ005QQcategoryZ1063QQrdZ1QQssPageNameZWD2VQQcmdZViewItem but I can get them no where except from US….



September 12, 2007

Got a really great site from Etsy new Storque, it’s called BurdaStyle

This site aimed to share free patterns, you can get the free patterns from the website or from users, this is such a wonderful idea!!! I recommend to everyone who sew or not sew.



sep 11

September 11, 2007

I was so busy these days and I didn’t know today is Septemeber 11 until I saw the night news…. and I just got to catch the excat time when those plans crash into the World Trade Buildings… I watched live on TV.

September 11 is the my parents’ marriage anniversary, I still remember 6 years ago, after eating out, we drove back home and we listen to the radio, dad heard the news that there was something seriously happening in US but we didn’t know what was that, the second later I got a phone called from my best friend and she asked me to turn on the TV.

When we turned on the TV, our family got completely slience. Dad didn’t sleep for the whole night. I slept in horror but it didn’t affect me that much coz I was really young.

Time goes on, I grow older and I started to realized how painful the whole thing is. Every year when I re-watch those 911 viedos, it hurts me more and more… I cried everytime when I saw those pictures… I am not American. I am not Mulism. I am far away from the whole thing, but I still pray for everyone who suffered.  I wonder why people did that. How much hate they have in their hearts to do this? What make them so hateful? I didn’t lost any friends/ family/ anyone I know in 911 but I have lost a peaceful mind… I think everyone does, at least, on this day.

World peace….


Bad luck!!!!

September 11, 2007

I have a Moleskine notebook wholesale order from Tasmania last week and I promised to delivery this Monday. I was looking for the Moleskine notebook for wholesale few weeks before, I contacted the wholesaler quite a few times but I never got a reply, so I called them up last week and asked if I can order 30 to 50 packs from them. The lady first asked me my shop details and stuffs and when I told her I paint on Moleskine cover, she said she didn’t think thier company could sell me in wholesale coz my work may destory Moleskine image!! WHAT THE??? I honestly think Moleskine should pay me for painting on their notebook cover!!! Destory Moleskine image? Seriuosly? She said she’ll asked her manager to call me back but obviously the manager never did so I moved on to other retailer to see what deal I can get if I buy bulk. Unforunately, I can only get a 10% off even if I buy like 50 packs, but that’s okay, I can sort this out later, I mean for the bulk, what I need is just 10 packs of notebook for the Tasmania order.

I ran out of stock at home so at the beginning of last week, I went to the city and search for the notebooks, but no luck, then time flies quickly, and also because of the APEC holiday, things got a little bit delay, so on and so forth. I was quite pissed yesterday when I found there’s NO stock avaliable ANYWHERE in town! I need 6 packs but there are only 3 at Dymocks  bookshop, I have one pack at home so I still need 2. What should I do?

I have finished all the time consuming painting (9 notebooks) last night till 3am and this morning, I started to walk from Surry Hills to Oxford street and then all the way to Bondi Junction!!! (5-10km maybe?) Unforunately, I STILL CANNOT FIND ANY!!! Then I just gave up and buy the line/ squared notebook instead and rush back home and finish the rest of the order. At that time it’s 2pm. Well, I thought I can finish them in about one hour coz the rest of the work arn’t time consuming, BUT (there’s always a BUT) for the last 3 designs, I just ran out of paper!!! So I need to AGAIN go to the art supplies shop (20 min walk) and get then paper!!! When I got home, it’s 4 already, after I packed everything, it’s almost 5pm!! I ran to the post office and post it out (lucky that I can finish it by 5pm) and when I got home, I found I didn’t bring my key!!!! I have to go to the city to wait for hubby to go home…. when I saw him, I brust into tears. I am so back luck these two days. Of course I know I have some kind of management problem (I actually start working on it last week, but don’t know why things go so bad at the last moment) but I just couldn’t believe I am so bad luck…. I always see those Moleskine notebook in shops, but when I need them, they’re all gone!!! At least, not in the eastern suburbs!!!! sigh….  should take a rest now….